This is the large aproach to the stuff !!

Unfortunatly since i have a girlfreind - no time is left for playing with robots so only parts could be designed and implemented yet.

This ist the view on its mechanics - everithing learnd from BugRug1 was used to make mechanics as simple as possible.
At least he's got a hat now ;-) !

bugrug2a.JPG (358536 Byte)

The servos got some speed control l now.

The heart of the bot is the controller - a 80C535 Siemens 8051 compatibel unit.

80353.jpg (325532 Byte)

Programmed with a great Monitor Eprom (Paulmon2 ).
Programming is done in C - get the free C-Compiler here (many thanks to Sandeep for it !)
The 80C353 Hardware was derived from a circuit out of the book "Einplatinencomputer" from "Elektor Verlag".

At the moment i am woking on a radio-datalink between the PC and the 80c535 MC. Let's see...

Plans for the future:

  • Ultrasonic ranging system
  • Elektronic Compass
  • WAV Soundsystem
  • RAM Extention with swiched Banks 128KByte
  • 4 Bit LCD Display interface (done already)
  • Bumper Sensors
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