Zugriffe: 1893

Alf 1 - The complex way

This was the first try - and "rests in peace" by now !

What do you do if you want to build a robot - independent on ground surface ?

Yes exactly give him a chain drive !

Thats what i thought and built one.. or tryed to.
Chain drives are complex - i know by now.

alf1_c.jpg (56017 Byte)

The motors are 2 gear-motors running with 12V DC.
Two encoders were used for controlling left-right wheel speed (as in Bugrug2 later)

The bevel gear wheels exposed as the week point in the system later.

alf1_a.jpg (74388 Byte)

The "brain" of it all is a Z80 CPU card with this components installed:

alf1_b.jpg (77404 Byte)

The mechanics were built on my EMCO lathe.
The toothed beld i bought in a special rubber shop nearby.