This is only a modified version of the PAULMON2 Monitor-Software for the SAB80C535.
PAULMON2 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty;
without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

I am using it with the free SDCC C-Compiler

Download my package here! 

The homepage original is:  THIS IS ONLY A MODIFIED VERSION !!! all rights are held by Paul Stoffregen

Paulmon2 is a 805x based Monitor with
- autobauddetection for 56K/with a 11MHz Crystal
- Single Step debugger (using INT1)
- Memory Editor via VT100 Terminal
- User defined Functions possible (see extra.asm)

Modification done is, to change interupt-Table from 8051.
Adresses of built in functions (extra.asm) also change.
Base Adress for loading Userprogram is 0x4000 at the moment - change it as you need !
(Comments in Sourcecode)

Dokumentation on Paulmon2 can be found at above URL.

How to use the Monitor !

1. unzip all files
2. adjust begin of Userprogram as you need to in Paulmon2.asm
3. see and run make.bat -> assambles all sources and renames .obj to .hex
4. burn a 4/8/.. K Eprom with the two .hex files
   first uses Adresses 0000 to 0FFF, second uses 1000.. (extra functions like singlestep, memedit, list)
5. Get some Terminal Program: initialize to 57600 Bit/sec / Data 8 Bit / No Parity / 1 Stopbit /Protokoll off
   Emulation: VT100 Terminal (for extra package)
6. Connect TxD, RxD, GNR - for serial connection from the PC to the MC
7. Power on and hit ENTER -> Paulmon should say:
               Welcome to PAULMON2, by Paul Stoffregen

  See PAULMON2.DOC, PAULMON2.EQU and PAULMON2.HDR for more information.

 Program Name  Location       Type
 List 1000 External command
 Single-Step 1400  External command
 Memory Editor (VT100)  1800  External command

PAULMON2 Loc:4000 >

8. Type ? to get help !

Good luck - and lot's of fun !!

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